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8 timeline items by user anonymous

17:29 • Ticket [b26449e63f] chPitchCorrection is incorrectly interpreted as unsigned status still Open with 5 other changes (user: anonymous) [details] ... 1 similar event omitted.
16:01 • New ticket [b0a9072ec3] Generators in first local preset zone are copied to global preset zone. (user: anonymous) [details]
15:32 • New ticket [7ac304ac05] IENG, ICOP, and ICMT are lost in translation. (user: anonymous) [details]
15:23 • New ticket [47b8981ade] Preset numbers are not preserved. (user: anonymous) [details]
15:06 • New ticket [823c422a09] Conversion of files with loops having insufficient margin is not invertible. (user: anonymous) [details]
14:57 • New ticket [b7d58a5212] Floating point conversion is not invertible. (user: anonymous) [details]
22:22 • New ticket [4b43c341d7] devel snapshot link on pysf page points to pentcl. (user: anonymous) [details]