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DJVU Resize Tool by Ben Collver

DJVU is an image format used to store books on The books are often archived at high quality and resolution, which slows down the display on small devices with ARM processors. I wrote this tool to resize the files and make them display more quickly.

I dedicate this program to my parents Greg and Nancy Collver, who were the first ones to teach me how to read.


Download latest development version


Windows users should run djvuresize.bat.

Linux users should run djvuresize.tcl, and meet the following requirements:

The default parameters will remove the color, the background layer, the mask layer, sub-sample to 1/4th size, and reduce the quality of the foreground layer. Each zoom level above 1 halves the original size.

The Preview button shows what the pages look like with the current parameters. Close the preview before changing the parameters again.

The Process button will resize the document several pages at a time in parallel, to take advantage of multi-core processors. The progress bar at the bottom will indicate the status. When done, it reports the location of the resized document.

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