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DJVU2X by Ben Collver

djvu2x file open dialog djvu2x page view

DJVU is an image format used to store books on DJVU2X is an application to view DJVU files on the GP2X.

I dedicate this program to my parents Greg and Nancy Collver, who were the first ones to teach me how to read.


Download version 4

Install instructions

To install it, copy the djvu2x directory to the GP2X.

Usage instructions

Be careful to select a .djvu file in the file list. The .djvu file will load after you select it in the list or press OK. Wait for it to load. If you have already opened the file before, then it will load the the last place that you left off.

Controls in view mode

Thumb stickscroll down, left, right, or up
Lpage up
Rpage down
-zoom out
+zoom in
YToggle between fast and slow scrolling
BShow page number chooser

Controls in the page number chooser

Thumb stick move cursor left or right, increase or decrease digit
BJump to selected page number
XCancel page number chooser


The .djvu files on are of archival quality. I wrote a tool named djvuresize to reduce them for small devices. In my testing, the default settings of this tool reduce the page flip time from 3 seconds to 1 second. Download from:

I built this program using open2x. To build it, change to the src directory and run Then move open2x/app to ../djvu2x.

I fork the djvulibre utilities to mitigate memory leaks in the library. The gp2x has constrained memory and this makes a big difference. See:

See also djvuresize.

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