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Games / Zsnes

Zsnes is a SuperNES emulator that will run games from SuperNES cartridges. Zsnes has its own joystick configuration. Use the Escape key to enter and exit the Zsnes menu and its configuration settings.

Zsnes works well with the Retrode 2. To load a game, press Escape to access the menu, click Game, click Load, type /media into the bottom box, press Enter, double-click retrode, and double-click on the .smc file.

Zsnes has a default audio sample rate of 32000Hz, and it relies on ALSA to re-sample to a rate supported by the audio chipset. Normally this works fine. Some ALSA drivers will crash instead of giving a sensible error message. The easiest way to work around this is to open /home/rogue/.zsnes in the file manager, open zsnes1.cfg as text, change SoundQuality=5 to SoundQuality=3, save, and quit.

Zsnes saved states are stored in /home/rogue/.zsnes

You can find more information about Zsnes at

Torneko aka Taloon