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Sfrotz isn't a game, it is an engine to run z-machine text adventure games such as Zork. The z-code virtual machine is powerful enough to implement rogue-like games, and zRogue is included as a proof of concept. RCL can also play z-code games directly from web sites such as

RCL includes the following z-machine games:

If you like Murder at the Diogenes Club, then you can access the other Sherlock Holmes interactive fiction through Apps, File Manager. Open the pubcasts directory. Open sherlock.pubcast. Download content. Then View downloaded content. This includes the following z-machine games:

To quit sfrotz, press Ctrl-Alt-X or press the joystick Start button.

sfrotz saved games are by default stored in /home/rogue/*.sav

You can find more information at the frotz homepage.

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