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User guide / How to subscribe to a podcast

To download an audio feed, you must first be connected to the Internet. These instructions walk through the steps to subscribe and listen to a podcast in Rogue Class Linux.


Start the Links web browser and find a podcast. I will use as an example. I started Links, pressed "g", typed "", pressed Enter and scrolled to the bottom of the page.

Copy Link

Use the down and up arrow keys to select the podcast feed link. Press Escape, "L", "C" to copy the link. Press "Q" and press Enter to quit the Links browser.

Podcasts Directory

Run File manager and navigate to the /home/rogue/podcasts/ directory. Press Ctrl-Shift-F to create a new file. For the name, type pgrevolution.podcast and press Enter. Select the new file pgrevolution.podcast and press "o" to edit it.

Podcast Link Edit

Press Ctrl-V to paste the podcast feed link. Press Ctrl-S to save the file. Press Alt-F4 to quit the editor.

Podcast Menu

Select pgrevolution.podcast in the file manager and press Enter. Wait for it to update the feed and show the podcast menu. You can use the Download menu option to download new episodes. You can use the Play menu option to play episodes that you have already downloaded.

Podcast Download

Use the Download option to download new episodes. This will start the download manager. If you let it run indefinitely, then it will download all available episodes. The download manager shows which episode it is downloading and the progress of the current download. It shows a detailed log in case there are problems. Wait for it to finish downloading at least one episode before you interrupt the download. Click the Quit button to interrupt the download. The next time you run the download manager it will resume where it left off.

Podcast Play

After you quit the download manager, it returns to the podcast menu. Use the Play option to play downloaded episodes. Press Tab to switch from playlist view to song view. Press Space to pause or resume. Press "-" or "=" to control the volume. Use F1 to view the music player help and "B" to quit viewing help. For joystick controls, see also readme-rcl.txt and gmu-vjk.txt.


You can also use another console to change the mixer settings. Go to the System menu, then Audio setup, then Mixer, then select the master volume control and press Enter. Use the up and down keys to change the volume.


You only need Internet access to update the feed or download episodes. Once you have downloaded episodes then you can play them without having Internet access. Just use the Play option in the podcast menu.