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User guide / How to probe an ISA sound card

The Linux kernel and udev no longer automatically configure ISAPNP audio devices. If you have a PC with an ISAPNP audio device then you may need to take extra steps before you can use it. The first step is to identify your audio chipset. Check the PC manufacturer's specifications or open up the PC and look at the sound card.

System Menu

Go to the System menu

Audio Setup

Go to the Audio setup menu

Probe ISA Audio

Go to the Probe ISA audio menu

Alsaconf Start

At the alsaconf start screen, click OK to begin.

Alsaconf ISA

At the alsaconf ISA screen, click Yes to probe legacy ISA chipsets.

Alsaconf Warning

At the alsaconf warning screen, click Yes to proceed.

Alsaconf Chipsets

At the alsaconf driver selection screen, clear all of the boxes. Check the box next to the chipset for your audio device.

Alsaconf DMA and IRQ

At the alsaconf DMA and IRQ screen, click No to skip unconventional configurations. After you click No, wait for alsaconf to probe the sound card.

Alsaconf Persist

At the alsaconf modprobe screen, click Yes to make a persistent audio configuration that will load after every boot. Wait for this step to finish. It can take a couple of minutes while it regenerates the Linux kernel module dependencies.

Alsaconf Success

At the alsaconf success screen, click OK to continue.

Alsaconf Test

At the alsaconf test screen, click No to skip the audio test.