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Games / The Sword of Fargoal

You are on a quest to retrieve the Sword of Fargoal, which lies between levels 15 and 20 of a dungeon. The dungeon levels are populated by an ever-regrowing number of different monsters, the deeper the dungeon level, the stronger the monsters. By retrieving experience points and collecting treasures, your own strength will increase as well, while finding your way down through randomly generated dungeons. With the help of different items and all sorts of spells, and by escaping various kinds of traps, you finally can find the Sword of Fargoal in the middle of a labyrinth - which doesn't mean you're done, no way, now the game really begins.

Fargoal requires a keyboard to play.

Fargoal saved games are stored in /opt/fargoal/data/save*

You can find more information about Fargoal at

The Sword of Fargoal screenshot