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Dungeons of the Necromancer's Domain is a re-implementation of a 1976 game by the same author. It pre-dates rogue and rogue-like games. Like rogue, Dungeons of the Necromancer's Domain is inspired by old-school Dungeons & Dragons. The game-play is very random and quick-paced. Rogue Class Linux includes new levels released by the original author in 2005.

Tips: Press h for help. When you create a character and the game asks for a secret name, this is an in-character way of asking you to set a password. You must type something, but it can be as short as a single letter. This password is required to load saved games.

See the controls. See also the complete button map.

DND saved games are stored in /c/dnd

You can find more information about DND at

DND, not to be confused with D&D