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Download Rogue Class Linux version 10

How to download RCL

CD icon Install disc 1, direct download
-- MD5 216af07c5df471e8c764388a82d8a30c

CD icon Install disc 2, direct download
-- MD5 e0373382652a4f886b01fbdd01ecf60a

Virtual Appliance icon Pre-installed VM for VirtualBox import, direct download
-- MD5 6d586811bade994b6d4e46b3566eef69

Right-click the direct downloads to save disc 1 and 2 to your PC. See also details page.

How to burn install media

Then use a CD-burning program to burn the ISO images slowly to a CD or DVD disc (4X is recommended for CD and 1X for DVD).

A small and excellent CD burning program for Windows is BurnCDCC - just download, unzip to a folder in Windows and click on burncdcc.exe (do not forget to choose low burning speed).

On Linux, I run the following command.

$ sudo cdrecord -v dev=/dev/sr0 speed=4 -data /home/ben/rcl-N-disc1.iso

See the following documents for hints on how to burn the install CD image on other software.

How to download source code

RCL source code is managed by fossil SCM and mirrored to BitBucket. You have two options to download the source code: web-based or command-line. Both options are described below.

Download RCL source code in your web browser using BitBucket or view it in the Files tab above.

Download RCL source code at the command-line, using the instructions below.