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Here are links to notes to help get you started with the games. More games will be added in the future.

Many of these games have been patched to include a virtual keyboard that can be controlled by a joystick. By default, the left trigger will open and close the virtual keyboard, the directional controls will select a key, and the B button will press the key. If you controller lacks triggers then use the shoulder buttons instead. See also the common joystick controls.

Note that the game menu uses a generic application launcher. Many games do not come with manuals. If you select the Manuals menu option for those games, then you will receive a message that there are no manuals.

ADOM Icon adom
Angband Icon angband
Brogue Icon brogue
Crawl Icon dungeon crawl stone soup
DND Icon dungeons of the necromancer's domain
Dungeon Minder Icon dungeon minder
Escape Icon escape
Fargoal Icon fargoal
Fujo Icon fujo
Gchess Icon GP2X chess
Gruesome Icon gruesome
Hydra Slayer Icon hydra slayer
Hyperbolic Rogue Icon hyperbolic rogue
Infra Arcana Icon infra arcana
Ivan Icon ivan
Knights Icon knights
The Last Rogue Icon the last rogue
Letter Hunt Icon letter hunt
Magus Icon magus
Mangband Icon mangband
Mines of Elderlore Icon Mines of Elderlore
Monkeyjump Icon Monkeyjump GNU Go
Moria Icon Moria
Nethack Icon nethack
Omega Icon omega
Powder Icon powder
Prime Icon prime
Puzzles Icon puzzles
Pysol Icon pysol
Ragnarok Icon ragnarok
Reword Icon reword
Robot Odyssey Icon robot odyssey
Rogue Icon rogue
Sfrotz Icon sfrotz
Sil Icon sil
Slashem Icon slashem
Tome4 Icon tome4
Tome Icon tome
Tomenet Icon tomenet
The Slimy Lich Mummy Icon the slimy lich mummy
Ularn Icon ularn
Unnethack Icon unnethack
Veins of the Earth Icon veins of the earth
Vicious Orcs Icon vicious orcs
Wanderer Icon wanderer
Wizznic Icon wizznic
Zsnes Icon zsnes