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Date: 2017-04-29 17:56:25
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User guide / Common Joystick Controls

Many of the games and programs in Rogue Class Linux share common joystick controls, For example, the Start button will quit most programs, and Right Trigger plus the Start button will save and quit most games. Use the shoulder buttons if your controller lacks triggers.

In most programs, the Select button will shift focus to the next GUI input. The Y button plus Up or Down are the same as page up or page down. The direction buttons are the same as the arrow keys.

Supported joysticks are configured automatically when they are plugged in. Other joysticks must be configured manually before they can be used.

Below is a table of a few common joystick controls. This table is based on controls.ods in the libvjk package. See also How to use the virtual keyboard and mouse.

Default button Description
R+Aopen main menu
Start+Selopen context menu
Start+Rsave and quit
R+Boptions and settings
R+Yread help
Start+Einventory, show carried items
Sel+Eshow equipped items
Start+Npick up item from floor
Sel+Ndrop item to floor
Start+Wwear armor
Sel+Wremove armor
Start+Swield weapon
C+Xwield weapon in other hand
Sel+Swear accessory
C+Yremove accessory
Dirdirectional movement
Dirdiagonal movement
Y+Dirdiagonal movement only
R+Dirsecondary movement such as camera control
R+Dirrun in a direction
Sel+Lgo up a level
Sel+Rgo down a level
Sel+Sticksearch to find something
D+Dirdig in a direction
Start+Aopen door
Sel+Aclose door
R+Dkick a door or monster
R+Dbreak a door open
Start+Bread scroll
Sel+Bcast a memorized spell
Y+Bpray to deity
Start+Xeat food
Sel+Xquaff potion or drink
Y+Ause item ability
D+Yinvoke item
Sel+Yuse character ability
Start+Czap wand
Start+Dzap rod
Sel+Duse staff
Start+Yfire ranged weapon
Start+Ythrow item
Start+Seltarget mode for ranged attacks
R+Cshow character description
R+Stickrepeat last command
D+Xexchange weapons
C+Achat, talk with someone
R+Xdismiss alert
Start+Lexplore on auto-pilot
C+Dirturn around