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Rogue Class Linux Help

First, a little help on help.  Whenever you encounter a text
viewer like this during the installation, you can move around
with these commands:

Tab            - Cycle focus to next widget, very useful
Enter          - Activate the focused widget, push a button, etc.
PageDown       - Move down one page
PageUp         - Move up one page
Home           - Move to beginning of file
End            - Move to end of file


When you boot the Rogue Class CDROM, it will take a few moments
to boot, and then it will automatically run the setup program.
You just need to start at the top of the screen and work towards 
the bottom through the menu options.  When I install, I usually do 
these options in order:

TARGET    (pick the hard drive to format)

This option will show you a list of hard drives in the system.  Pick
one.  The hard drive must be at least 1gb large and you must use the
entire hard drive for Rogue Class.  Dual booting is not supported.
Once you have picked the hard drive, the setup program will partition
the disk, format it, and install Rogue Class Linux.


EXIT: This leaves Rogue Class Linux setup.

Have fun installing and running Linux!