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Rogue Class Linux

Roguely Cat Mosaic by Vernicus
Old computer A Linux distro for playing games on an old computer
Die Turn-based games
Books Ebooks
Joystick Good joystick support

Rogue Class is a toy Linux distribution for playing games and reading books. RCL favors turn-based games, such as puzzles and rogue-like games. The Powder About page has an excellent summary of what rogue-like games are all about. See the User Guide for hardware requirements and install instructions. Thank you to those who have helped make RCL better.

Random Screenshot

robot-odyssey screen shot


Rogue Class is based heavily on Slackware Linux. The scripting language is TCL. See also this chart of graphical sub-systems. Some games include audio and networking. A basic web browser is included.

Slackware TCL Feather Csoft